Thursday, March 26, 2009

VLLC 2009 Meeting Minutes - 2/26/2009

Virginia Literacy Leadership Counsel General Annual Meeting
February 26, 2009, 5:30 PM

Present: Amy White, Marcia Swain, Carolyn Cothram, Carolyn Meeks, Lynne Wheeler, Darlene Dockery, Anne Rollins, Marnie Montgomery, Candance Kroehl, Mary Burleson, Keborah Abbott, Carmelle Malerich, Jennifer Seip, Donna Webster, Frances Barber, Katie Beckman, Erin Finn, Kim Sells, Caroline Long, Jean Lee, Janet Booth, Barbara Monteith, Joan Peterson, Patricia Donnelly, Ginger Hilleary, Annette Loschert, Carol Holmquist. VLF staff: Vicky Sanborn.
  • The meeting was called to order by President Patti Donnelly. The Agenda is attached.
  • Brief introductions by all attendees followed.
  • Vicky Sanborn was asked to review the history of VLLC. The following points were made: The Virginia Literacy Leadership Council (VLLC) was instrumental in acquiring CBLO grant funds of $300,000 from the the VA DOE. The grant was to be used to provide leadership and organizational development for Community Based Literacy Organizations (CBLOs.) The VLLC member organizations were also instrumental in developing the VLF's Qual D Database and to support the work of professional development for CBLOs. VLLC meetings have been held at the statewide level and regionally as the need occurs.
Ms. Donnelly requested input from the membership present regarding the agenda question: “What does the Organization Mean for you” The following points were made from the floor.
  • VLLC should encourage the strengthening of best practices, organizational leadership development and advocacy for the needs of low level literacy adults.
  • An Annual Professional Development Conference is desirable.
  • Professional Development should have strands for both professional educators and volunteer tutors.
  • Professional Development should be available based on organizational size so that practices can be fully operational not just theoretical. Possible break-out sessions for new Director/Program Managers.
  • The subject of recruitment and retention are potential topics for future conferences.
  • A committee should be formed to plan for the next annual conference.
  • Communication throughout the year with the VLLC membership is desirable.
  • The VLLC Blog is one method for regular communication.
  • Shared resources such as posters would help all organizations.
  • Call for adult student stories for sharing.
  • Development of PSAs
  • Advocacy for literacy students and the CBLOs that serve them should fall within the scope of VLLC.
  • A committee should be formed to plan for advocacy issues.
  • A common slogan/theme may be desirable in advocacy. For example: Break the Cycle: Teach the parent reach the child.
  • Issues that require advocacy should be communicated to the VLLC membership.

Election of Officers elected by acclaimation

  • President Carol Holmquist
  • Vice President Ginger Hilleary
  • Treasurer Annette Loschert
  • Secretary Kim Sells

Call for any member to sign up for:

  • Conference Planning Committee
  • Communication Committee
  • Advocacy Committee

Ginger Hillary covered the process for hotel expense reimbursement.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:30 PM.

Submitted by Carol Holmquist , Secretary

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