Friday, March 27, 2009

Poll and Comments About Next Year's Conference

We have placed two polls in the side bar below the logo for your input for next year's conference: workshop topics and workshop strands. Please check all that apply! If you would like to leave a comment, please click on the small word "comments" below this post. A field will open where you can type your comment. Click your mouse pointer inside that field and type your comments. Then click on the button next to "name" and type in your name or the name of your program. Then click on "publish comment."

Your comment will show up either with your name or the name of your program. You can choose anonymous and place your name in the body of the text. Once you get the hang of it, this will seem easy.


Anonymous said...

Goal Setting, Jim Andre

PA said...

Schedule this for a time before or after March, and make it for a Friday and Saturday. Also, move it to C'ville.

It is more convenient for VALRC staff to be in Richmond, but not for CBLOs.

PA said...

When will the minutes of the VLLC meeting be posted that will include the member organizations present and the actions taken?

Pam said...


Just wanted to make a few suggestions about next year's conference unrelated to the topics in the poll that we are currently voting on.

I am happy that I was able to network with so many other literacy organizations and through this networking uncovered a need for some round table discussions.

Perhaps we could set aside an hour or two for participants to visit tables and to learn more about:

ideas for in-services
beefing up tutor training by using Thinkfinity
Using Ready to Go curriculum
Using CASAS Testing
Scrabble Tournaments, etc.

Also, perhaps set some time aside for participants to visit with their local stakeholders or with other participants that share their programmatic issues. I met lots of people, but didn't have a significant amount of collaboration time with them.

I would be happy to work a table on Thinkfinity as I have used it successfully this year to beef up tutor training. I would also be willing to serve on a conference committee.

I hope that these suggestion will excite others. I urge other CBLO's to respond to my comments. After all, we can only be as good as we dare to be.

PS - when using HTML tags I received the message that the "bullet" tag was not allowed. : )

kim said...

I too enjoyed the conference - thank you to everyone who worked on the program!

I would like to see Verizon do a Thinkfinity presentation- there is so much to offer and I don't believe that this free resource is utilized as well as it could be.

I agree with Pam that "visit time" would be nice. It would be nice to share thoughts on many issues like perhaps fundraising - especially in these times.

The Richmond location during the week is fine with me.

Pam A. said...

How about a workshop on the use of games and manipulatives to teach English/Reading?